Infosys Result Analysis - Q3 FY 2019


Infosys Ltd. came out with its Q3FY19 results on Junuary 11, 2019. The result was a bit off the mark as it did not meet the expectations from analysts of the leading brokerage houses.

Revenue for Q3FY19 was Rs. 18,819 Cr. which was 20.40% higher than Rs. 15.631 Cr. reported for Q3FY18. QoQ (Q3Fy19 Vs Q2FY19) revenue growth was 2.95%. PAT was Rs. 3,505 Cr. for the quarter which was 9.64% lower than the PAT of Rs. 3,879 Cr. reported for Q2FY18. Operating margin was 22.6% for the quarter. Basic EPS on stantalone basis for the quarter was Rs. 8.01, on consolidated basis the basis EPS was Rs. 8.30.

The company has retained the operating margin guidance for Q4FY19 at 22-24% on cosolidated basis. Thhe company also acquired new large projects more than 1.5 billion dollars.

Q3 FY19 Snapshot
Infosys Ltd. - Q3 FY19 Snapshot

The company declared a dividend of Rs. 4 per share for the quarter. The company also announced buyback of shares worth Rs. 8,260 Cr. at a maximum price of Rs. 800 per share.

Q3 FY19 Dividend
Infosys Ltd. - Q3 FY19 Dividend

The company also mentioned in the quarterly report that

The company had earlier classified its subsidiaries Kallidus & Skava (together referred to as "Skava”) and Panaya as “Held for Sale”. During the quarter ended December 31, 2018, based on evaluation of proposals received and progress of negotiations with potential buyers, the Company concluded that it is no longer highly probable that sale would be consummated by March 31, 2019. Accordingly, Panaya and Skava have been de-classified from “held for sale” in accordance with the requirements of IFRS 5."

PEG stood at -3.23 (as on 1/26/2019) and the forward looking P/E ratio was 21.99.

Quarterly result Q3FY19 Infosys Ltd. -Q3 FY19

Segmentwise breakup of Revenue and Profit Before Tax Infosys Ltd - Segmentwise breakup Q3 FY19



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