Aurobindo Pharma Result Analysis - Q1 FY 2019: Struggling to maintain


Aurobindo Pharma declared its Q1 FY19 results on 9th August 2018. The results did not meet the expectations that were set by the investors and the analysts. Analysts had expected the revenue and PAT to be around the numbers reported for the same quarter last year.. The company reported a net profit of Rs 225 crore for the quarter of Q1 FY19 which is a decline of 26% compared to the PAT of Rs 307 crore reported for quarter ending 30th June 2017.

The company booked a loss of Rs 50 crore under the head "Foreign Exchange Loss". The company explained it as "Foreign exchange loss includes exchange difference arising from foreign currency borrowings to the extent that they are regarded as an adjustment to finance cost as per para 6(e) of "Ind AS 23" on Borrowing costs".

Though the revenue was higher for the quarter than those reported for the first quarter of FY18 and the fourth quarter of FY18, the PBT was lesser than the previous quarter because of higher cost of materials consumed.

The basic EPS stood at Rs 3.84.

Standalone results for the quarter April-June 2018 (except for EPS, all the othet numbers are in Rs crores)

Aurobindo Pharma Standalone Result -Q1 FY19

The company declared similar kind of numbers under the consolidated results for the quarter. The consolidated PAT was lower by 12% in comparision with the PAT declared for the first quarter of the last financial year. Consolidated foreign exchange loss stood at Rs 68 crore. Consolidated EPS stood at Rs 7.78. Aurobindo Pharma Consolidated Result -Q1 FY19

The company operates in only one segment viz, 'Pharmaceutical Products'.

Company's financial numbers were audited by B S R & Associates LLP.

The result can be accessed from BSE's website



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