ICICI Bank Result Analysis - Q1 FY 2019: Cleaning up the mess


ICICI Bank came out with the Q1 FY19 result on 27th July 2018. The company reported net loss of Rs 119.55 crore against a profit of Rs 2,049 crore which it had reported for the corresponding quarter of the last findncial year. The bank has made a higher provision, which stood at Rs 5,971.29 crore, during this quarter. The total income (Rs 18,574 crore) was 10.25% higher when compared with the number reported for Q1 FY18 (Rs 16,847 crore). .

The basic EPS plummeted to (0.19) per share.

Standalone results for the quarter April-June 2018 (except for EPS all the othet numbers are in Rs crore )

ITC Result -Q1 FY19

  Segment wise breakup of Revenue and Profit Before Tax (PBT)

ITC Q1 FY19 segmentwise

ICICI Bank reported a loss of Rs 3,675,54 crore under wholesale banking due to provisioning.

The result can be accessed from BSE's website



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